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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What does progress look like?

So today and most days i have been thinking about how wrong we view progress with young children in the arts.
Why you may ask?
Well let me tell you...
We are looking for progress in the terms of productivity, we are studying children's art and looking for a better drawing, a more detailed drawing.
It is the same with painting, we are looking thinking is it anything i can recognise.

It is so defective and so very judgemental to view children's art this way, instead we should be watchful of the passion that is emerging, the longitivity that is developing, the story that is unfolding, the desire that is seen and the biggest one the individuality that is seen.
What we should be monitoring is what it took to get there, the steps taken, the effort put into it, the pride shown, and the way it was noticed by others.
How often do you display children's art and encourage children to look at it and comment on it.
I have actually never done this myself, but now i want to.
I actually want to make a new rule for children i work with and that is do not tell others how to do something, let them find there own style.
I am thinking of someone that found a sponge on the ground and soaked up all the dye and wiped it across there paper until it was all red.
Paint brushes were there, but the sponge had a lot more hand contact, it used more skill, it showed a style.
Children all have their own style, let them find it themselves.

Imagine a world where passion inspires you to create, there would not be any cause in looking for progress,Because if you are looking for progress you have stopped creating.
So i challenge you to look at progress as a feeling, what feelings can you see in childrens creations.
Only when you start to let go of results you can see, and look for results you can feel, then my friends you can truely say you have an understanding of children and there art making.

This is a powerful piece where the artist used so much skill and inpiration and took the photo to prove it.
This is an artist who has the joy of painting in side her and you can see it when you watch her go into her own zone.
This is an artist who is cheeky and uses alternative methods to get the viewer to understand his mission. It is so very playful.
This is an artist who loads his page up with expression, he will tell you about it, but cant you just sense it in the piece.
This is an artist who stays so very true to her love of colour and the way it is seen.
It jumps out at you, it is very curious and orginal, this is an artist who has the confidence to be orginal.
This is another powerful piece about the colours we love, the way we apply it and all the time we take to do it.

So appreciate the pieces children make, enjoy the thought processes and just remember that if you are trying to stop a child from doing what you think is wrong, you may well be messing with there style.

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